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Industrial Plugs

Industrial Plugs

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The industrial plugs with 2 protection grade: IP44 Spash-proof plugs and IP67 Watertight  plugs.

Colors Available:
Voltage of Yellow plug: 110-130V.
Voltage of Blue plug: 220-240V / 220-250V.
Voltage of Red plug: 220-380V / 240-415V / 380-415V .

Poles: 2P+E / 3P+E /3P+N+E.

Industrial plugs and industrial sockets are one equipment of industrial control, industrial equipment, industrial products, industrial tools, industrial system.
Industrial plugs in splashproof or watertight designs.

As the factory of exporter of china industrial sockets and plug, we invest to buy up-to-date equipments and technology to develop our unique and professional series of Industrial plugs and sockets .
Defination/Meaning of Industrial plug socket
So-called industrial plugs and sockets are known, i.e. with cylindrical body with three or more contacts, female holes or male cylindrical terminals, arranged in a generally polygonal configuration and in different positions according to the sector of use.

Said plugs and sockets are provided with safety devices, covers to protect the female contacts, and groove or external longitudinal lug which acts as a key for correct coupling between the male and female elements.

The electrical contacts of said plugs and sockets have a different diameter, i.e. the phase and neutral have the same diameter, but the earth has a larger diameter. The contacts are arranged in a polygon configuration, in which the earth constitutes the vertex.

Features of Industrial Plugs Sockets
Industrial plug or socket with three or more poles with facilitated opening and safety eyelet
Industrial-type mobile electric socket and plug of easier assembling
Our industrial plugs are of Easy installation, long life and high-reliability
The industrial sockets can be Widely used in the machine industry, construction industry, and large vehicles.
The cases and sockets are produced of high-grade plastic nylon 66
The material of electric sockets and industrial plugs are extremely good insulating, thermal resistance up to +120 degrees, resistant against oil, gasoline and salt water, non-aging, resists cold and resistant against rain
All units not only fits with the same system but also are fully compatible with units of the same system of other manufacturers
HS Code : 8536 Electrical Apparatus for Switching or Protecting Electrical Circuits

Need a quotation for the industrial plug and sockets from our factory
You should let me know the specifications as below: (1) Current: 16A, 32A, 63A, 125A;
(2) Voltage: 110-130V, 220-240V, 380-415V or Colors: Yellow, Blue, Red;
(3) Pole:  2P+E, 3P+E, 3P+N+E;
(4) IP Suitability Rating:IP44 (Ingress Protection; Solid bodies >=1.0mm; Splashing/Splashproof),
IP67 (Temporary immersion, watertight, waterproof).

IP Codes & Their Meanings
IP Suitability Ratings are an international system for classifying the degree of protection provided by enclosures of electrical equipment.
The higher the number, the greater the degree of protection;
they apply ONLY to properly installed equipment.
The numerals stand for the following: 1. First Number: Degree of protection for persons against access to hazardous parts inside the enclosure and/or against solid bodies.
IP 0 - Non-protected
1 每 >= 50 mm diameter
2 每 >=12.5 mm diameter
3 每 >=2.5 mm diameter
4 每 >=1.0 mm
5 每 Dust-protected
6 每 Dust-tight
2. Second Number: Degree of protection of equipment inside enclosures against damage from the ingress of water.

0 每Non-protected
1 每 Vertically dripping
2 每 Dripping (15∼ Tilted)
3 每 Spraying
4 每 Splashing
5 每 Jetting
6 每 Power jetting
7 每 Temporary immersion
8 每 Continuous immersion

IP44=Ingress Protection; Solid bodies >=1.0mm; Splashing
6 每 Dust-tight
7 每 Temporary immersion

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